Nero 7 Ultra Edition Review (Legitimate Review)

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Editor’s note: While Nero 7 Ultra Edition is available in the retail format, Nero 7 Ultra Edition is now available; the download version isn’t expected until October 26th, October 26th, 2005. The download version will contain patches to fix known issues in the retail code as well as additional features. The incremental upgrade is free for Nero customers.


Our rating – 8.0/10 stars for Nero 7 Ultra Edition


The latest Nero Home app lets you play your media using a remote and support of 5.1 as well as 7.1 surround-sound, HDV, and high-definition discs; improved interface makes it easier to navigate and more advanced options for backing to files. Have a look at: baixar nero 7 gratis para pc


Nero 7 is a substantial installation, and it is demanding on the system resources; a major flaw stops burning ROM from running on certain platforms after Nero Express is launched. There is no uniform look for the different apps; Nero Home is a slow-performing application; it does not have DivX support.


Nero 7 adds significant new features to this already formidable suite, extending its capabilities to the living room and providing users with a bargain.

Nero 7 Ultra Edition

Nero, the disc-burning giant that weighs in at 800-pounds tools, has launched version 7, which includes an important new feature for the collection: Nero Home, a media-browsing interface designed for remote control from your couch. What drives Nero Home it’s Nero Scout, which is an application for databases that keeps track of the media you have on your computer. In Nero 7, you’ll also get support for the latest technological advancements (such as 5.1 as well as 7.1 audio Blu-ray discs HDV video) and significant improvements to the DVD creation as well as backup tools. With everything you receive, the price of $99 (cheaper when you add rebates and upgrades) is the most cost-effective price to get. Nero remains the best option for power users, but we believe that casual users should keep an eye on what Roxio will offer in the event that Easy Media Creator 8 comes out later this month.

Nero is now bigger than ever before. The complete Nero 7 program will require a significant amount of memory in your system — 600MB. Make sure you have enough space prior to installing. Many users were already complaining about the bloat of message boards prior to the launch. Nero can be a resource hog even when performing basic tasks like browsing through files using the brand new Nero Home application. If you’re convinced that there are some features included in Nero 7 that you’ll never require, you can opt for a custom install and eliminate the items you don’t need. Nero 7 also gives you the ability to select or remove language options during installation. So you could also save a few gigabytes by deactivating German, for instance, which is turned on by default. You can also deactivate the file association option in case you don’t want the various Nero applications to be the default handles for almost every task related to media you may want to perform.

Nero 7 offers some enhancements to the interfaces for applications, but it doesn’t show any indication of the huge facelift we’d hoped for. The basic idea behind Nero’s design is the SmartStart screen. It’s a vibrant wizard screen that allows you to select programs based on the task you’re working on and is great for those who are new and don’t have any experience with the programs that run them. After you’ve chosen your task (burning music CDs or creating an image slide show, for instance), Nero opens the appropriate program. The various applications have the same slick look and feel similar to Windows Explorer; they’re not difficult for users to navigate and aren’t pleasant to use. However, there’s no unifying design element that unifies the applications and makes them easier to navigate. They all have distinct layouts and styles.

Nero’s SmartStart is the first step prior to deciding on the application you’re looking for. Simple controls allow you to alter the color. Nero Home marks new territory for Nero 7, which began with disc-creation tools, and then it added tools for editing media. Then, with Nero Home, it moves to media playback. Nero Home provides a Windows XP Media Center experience with no Media Center as well as the familiar big-icon look of your files. It can be divided into four groups Playlists, Audio, Photos, Videos, and TV and devices. You’ll have to bring your personal remote (or any other wireless device for pointing like the mouse). However, Nero Home lets you select your files right from your couch. The driver of Nero Home includes Nero Scout, a new database application that catalogs the media files you have. The initial search for our drive’s index took a long time on our test machine that didn’t contain that many files on this system, which is why you shouldn’t think to start using it today. Nero Home is, likewise, a sluggish performer. It takes several seconds before your files show up when you make an option. We appreciate the fact that Nero Home provides time-shifting to users who have TV tuner cards or an audio feed; however, we would like to see features like the capability to download artwork for the CD cover (a spokesperson told us that downloading cover art will be available shortly as a free upgrade).

It’s actually XP Media Center. It’s Nero Home.

Nero Home allows you to make use of a PC-compatible remote, browse and browse the media files you want to play from your couch. Every single one of Nero’s programs has been upgraded, with some gaining more different than other applications. Disk-burning software Nero Express (the simplified disc-creation application), as well as InCD (the software for writing and transferring packets using rewritable CDs including discs on floppy), are slightly upgraded interfaces. Nero will also be able to create Blu-ray disks (using burning ROM Express and InCD), but there’s no official format for video yet, which means that it’s not able to create a Blu-ray video disc until. (This capability is kind of a non-issue as Blu-ray media and burners aren’t currently available for purchase within the United States.) Also, Nero 7 can capture, edit and export HD-DVD. However, it isn’t able to burn discs at this time, as there’s no official format. For those who love audio, Nero 7 incorporates support for 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound in a number of applications. We’re pleased that Nero is now able to be able to import HDV videos, which is expected to quickly become more popular; however, we’re disappointed that Nero isn’t yet able to support DivX. Nero provides the company’s proprietary MPEG-4 video format but is unable to work with DivX as it claims that it’s not an actual MPEG-4 solution and isn’t compatible with it. Contrastingly the recently released Roxio Toast 7 gets behind DivX in an enormous way (check next week for a full analysis of Toast 7 Titanium).

Nero Express, the streamlined application that allows for rapid disc creation, has minor interface enhancements in this version.
We encountered a significant issue that was affecting Nero Burning ROM, the core of the suite that stopped working during our tests. The Nero rep confirmed the issue and said that it was an issue that has been reported and that when you launch, Nero Express causes an error in the registry that stops Burning ROM from launching. The issue will be resolved by a major, no-cost download upgrade that will be available on October 26th, 2005. The upgrade will also provide significant improvements for dual-core, Hyper-Threading, and multiple-CPU machines through speed enhancements.

Nero BackItUp gets some major improvements this time around, such as more options for scheduling, FTP support, the capability to create bootable restore discs, and the ability to backup drives to external or internal hard disks. The program performed flawlessly in our test. The only issue is that using its advanced controls requires logging into another long and tedious wizard. This program has more wizards than the Harry Potter convention.

Make use of Nero’s BackItUp wizard in order to benefit from the tool’s latest advanced options.
Nero Vision, the moviemaker, offers a variety of impressive capabilities; however, it isn’t without its flaws with its lack of polish programs like Ulead VideoStudio and Adobe Premiere Elements and requiring the use of a step-by-step method to work. For instance, with the majority of video software, you are able to use a menu template from a DVD and immediately see the movie within your workspace. However, when you use Nero Vision, clicking in the template only displays the static image. It is then necessary to click on a button in order to watch the menu’s animated that is displayed in a separate window that takes a long time to load. We’re pleased. However, we’re pleased to note that this version includes chapter-menu support for DVD movies.

Then, Nero 7 adds a beat-maker that works with SoundBox accessible via SoundTrack. SoundTrack editing software. The audio program does not include the loop library, and the standard controls make Apple GarageBand look complicated. But, SoundBox is a fun toy and can be a good fit for beginners who are looking to try making their own music.

Utilize the latest Nero SoundBox to create the perfect beat. A voice synthesizer allows you to incorporate words into your beat.

Final Verdict:

Nero is said to have amazing support options; However, we’ll use the word “appears” as they were not yet ready for testing. The company offers 10 days of no-cost telephone support following registration, even though the support service is only available during the week, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. at 5 p.m. We believe that customers should receive the full 30 days’ worth of assistance; however, the 10 day period is longer than what you receive from most programs that cost less than $100. The required registration page online did not appear to be up during our tests. The electronic help files weren’t included in the version we tested of the program. Instead, we were provided with the option that allowed us to download the files, but it wasn’t working. The product that comes in a box includes a brief getting-started guide that’s great to learn about the main components but not to help to troubleshoot. The Nero website has a variety of tutorials and FAQs within its Support section.

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