The Auditor

and the
Stygian Inquisition

Even Hell requires order, the processing of souls a mundane task that falls to the order of the Stygian Inquisition, the Auditor, one of many, possibly thousands of ‘Auditors’ , that occupy houses (spiders webs) littered across the globe, houses that reach out to the sick and twisted, the degenerate and perverse, their task to audit these ‘candidates’ and process them accordingly, Occasionally their findings and ‘fishing’ reeling in a candidate more suited to
the ‘Order of the Gash’ and the Cenobites

Playing the Auditor (and directing)

Arrogance? Micro managing? Narcissism? Nepotism? (kind of right?) Greed?
Simple truth? – When I wrote the character I heard his voice in my head, felt how he would move and when it came to it I felt like Hey! it’s MY movie, I’m spending my writing and directing fee on make up fx, costumes and props so screw it, I’m going to play it, I think I can do a decent job, I’ve trained, I’ve been hired as an actor before so why not, what should stop me?…fan reaction?…it’s not like I’m playing Pinhead and those people who hate me anyway will just hate me even more, what have I got to lose?…and worse case scenario I can always re-dub the performance in post if it sucks. PLUS we can do the make up effects and costume pieces WAY in advance AND I’ll be able to facilitate an earlier make up application on myself (coming in extra early) and do my own prosthetic removal (usually on set while directing)

Aside from Pinhead, the new Cenobites make quite an impression, especially The Auditor, who pretty much steals every scene he’s in.’
Steve Barton – Dread Central

Make up design

​The idea was to create a self inflicted looking design of lacerations, more chaotic than the ordered scarification of the Cenobites, I drew inspiration from an idea from Wes Craven, who thought there was something deeply unsettling about a protagonist who is willing to hurt themselves (evidenced in the original Nightmare on Elm St when Freddy slices off his own fingers) I wanted the cuts to all look as if they could be done by himself and the showing of the razor to indicate that he also had the means. Still there is evidence of the handiwork of others…the two holes on the right side of his face…previously used draining points perhaps? and the sygil carved into the back of his head…a brand or makers mark of some kind?

Costume and Props

He wears a threadbare two piece suit and blood stained shirt covering the thousand slices that adorn his body.
On his right wrist a bracelet of hundreds of Crucifix’s, Star of Davids, St Christopher’s
and other religious symbols torn from the necks of the guilty.
He carries a small wooden music box, it’s tune ( a remnant of his own personal history)
both a comfort to him and perhaps a supernatural tool to hypnotize new candidates.

….and if it couldn’t get any better?

So you get to write and direct a Hellraiser movie with an amazing cast and crew, you get to create the make up effects AND you get to play a really fun role…Oh…and it’s your birthday too!…possibly best birthday present ever πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday to me!…amazing ‘stitched’ cake πŸ™‚
(amazing make up artist and great friend Adrienne Lynne to my right ‘Pinhead’ Paul Taylor in the BG)

Online Fan Art πŸ™‚ – many thanks to all these awesome artists